Meat and Mead, 1 of the best combination out there -Read Now


We stared our food journey with some hummus and pita starter.

Hummus always reminds me of the movie “You don’t mess with the Zohan“. We were doing all the crazy things around the table like Zohan. Clicking pictures, rolling waves of laughter and devouring the tasty food made us happy.

Then we moved to the veg and non-veg platters. The variety consisted of croquettes, garlic bread, salads, couple different types of chicken wings and some buff stuff. I think we were in a food coma after eating so much.

The stand out dish for me was the wasabi steak. Before trying wasabi at Mad House Grill, I always hated hot and spicy food. Wasabi has been nothing but a disappointment for me all this long.

But the wasabi steak changed my opinion. Let me explain. I am pretty sure that Mad House Grill makes the best steak around town hands down. But wasabi was something I tried to avoid as much as possible.

But persuasion from Smruti and Saneet, and I tried it. It was like an explosion inside my mouth which I could feel along my nasal cavity too. Although I wished to stop eating it, I couldn’t. That is the type of food I would love to eat every time. The pungent taste of wasabi complemented the soft succulent steak to perfection. To give your tongue a relief it is served with potato mash. I had not experienced the burst of flavors at this intensity ever.

Ended the meal with a firm, wobbly caramel custard, and a dense, gooey brownie. Not over sweet but flavorful. Such a calming end to a tornado-like meal.

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